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Trading Education Providers, Signals & Fire Content

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Ace signals

Trade the markets profitably by following Ace Signals winning signals! Our trading experts spot market opportunities and deliver them directly to you. Use our technical analysis videos, news feed and many more utilities in our Traders Lounge to stay in tune with the markets and never miss an opportunity.

We provide:

  • Signals with take profit, stop loss and chart analysis
  • Every day technical analysis of forex charts
  • Receive trade signals through to your mobile phone

Ace Education

Get instant access to the same strategies that the bankers use, earn a second income and become financially independent. Whatever your trading experience is, our expert analysts can take your trading knowledge and confidence to the next level. Our online trading education is divided into sections according to experience level, complemented by video tutorials, daily tips, technical analysis videos, webinars & more. No more gambling, after this course, You will be able to analyse charts like a pro.

Forex signals alerts include exact entry and exit prices (open and close), 1 stop loss level and 1 take profit level (no hidden, temporary or intermediate levels), date of an alert and traders comments (if any). All signals are market orders – you have to execute a signal once you receive an alert.

There are no limits or restrictions as to who can trade our secrets. One thing we must mention though, is all students must have discipline (key when it comes to trade and money management). Our signals and education are suitable for all levels of traders.

The million-dollar question! We am personally averaging 5% per month using the same techniques and strategies we teach or from signals. However, this will depend on a number of factors such as your starting investment along with the ability to manage trades.

The VIP Traders lounge will give you additional features such as intraday tips from Ace traders, access to webinars, the option to be notified on trading signals and much more

In order to access our education portal, you will need to purchase our ‘Guide to Profitable Trading’ course. You are able to get a discount if you have a funded account with MyFXMarkets (minimum £250 funding). Our course is suitable for all levels of traders, please try our free beginners course.

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